More immune issues


Just a quick update as I’m at work. But i just found out that I have elevated Natural Killer cells….CD69 to be precise (whatever that means).

So on top of my balanced translocation (which makes it very hard to get a normal embryo) I now have two immune issues: high Anti Nuclear Antibodies (ANAs) and now elevated NK cells.

I guess that it’s fair to assume that the two chemical pregnancies with FETs of PGS normal embryos were caused by these immune issues. The high ANAs were picked up before the second transfer, but my hospital here in Italy only prescribed me heparin and asprin. I argued with the doctor to take prednisolone and he begrudginly agreed but only at 5mg…which I have now found out is way too low a dosage.

So feeling pretty frustrated at my hospital in Italy….it is definitely the time to seek treatment at other hospitals…which a) will cost a lot of money and b) will involve flying to other countries for treatment (probably the UK).

Still haven’t decided what to do about donor eggs versus own eggs. I don’t even know how to begin to decide about that…I really just don’t know where to go from here…

Any ideas? Cause I’m all out of them right now…