Sore tonsils and due to start steroids for FET – help!

Ergh so I’m lying here awake due to my tonsils which have come up over night. I fell asleep early but now am lying here in the early hours with a sore throat and feeling hot. I had an avidly feeling in throat last night and was feeling ‘off’ on Tuesday.

I’m on day 10 of my FET cycle so am on 10mg of progynova a day and due for my second scan today to start progesterone and steroids (due to my immune issues).

Common sense tells me that starting high dose steroids when I’ve just come down with a cold doesn’t seem like a great idea. Will have to wait to see what doctor says. But any ideas would be very welcome…




22 thoughts on “Sore tonsils and due to start steroids for FET – help!

    • Thanks! Yeah it’s so hard in these super specific cases. See comment below for update but in the end my lining is slow (as usual) so I know that I have at least a week until transfer. Dr started me on 20mg of steroids today and will do another scan on Monday so if I’m not better by then she will abandon cycle. The good news is that I slept really well last night and now it’s just more of a sore throat. Wearing a mask whilst commuting today on the bus and will avoid I’ll people like the plague at work. It’s my birthday today and have a dinner tonight where every Italian loves air kissing but will just refuse that. Social niceties are not important right now!!!

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      • Happy Birthday!
        I’m actually taking 40mg Prednisone at the moment in addition to another immunosuppressant (unrelated to fertility) and I don’t wear a mask or stay away from people. I just wash my hands constantly or use hand sanitizer.

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  1. Probably not the best but if it helps I managed I get sick 3 times during the first trimester and was on steroids too and everything seems to be ok with the baby. Take extra special care during the steroids process and stay away from all sick people as much as is possible!

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    • Thanks. That’s actually really good to hear. I actually feel a lot better today and my throat is only slightly sore. I stayed at home yesterday and slept 10 hours last night and am wearing a facemask to travel to work today. I look like a wally but I don’t care. Plus it’s my birthday so all in all a strange day! The Dr said to start steroids 20mg today and then to repeat scan on Monday to see if I’m ready for progesterone so I have a week at least before transfer. If I’m not better by Monday she wants to abandon the cycle. But feeling much better so fingers crossed.

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      • If you’re feeling better today then you’re probably going to be fine. Drink lots of water, eat well and rest a lot!! FYI on the steroids, I took 16mg and I highly recommend taking them in the morning as they mess up your sleep. It does kind of mellow out at some point when your body gets used to it but for a while there I was awake and ready to party at 4am EVERY SINGLE DAY and it was maddening! On the flip side, if you are successful, the steroids help to mask morning sickness so you’re way less likely to puke. Yay! I felt a bit gross for a few weeks but no throwing up. Good luck!

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      • Ahhh thanks. That what I think. Hopefully. Yes I wondered about the steroids. I called them this morning to check on timings and they said two pills in the morning and two in the evening with food. I’m going to email them again because it doesn’t sound ideal for sleeping.

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      • Oh maybe your set up is different to mine. I had one gigantic pill to take rather than 4 spaces out. Maybe it is a little less intense if you spread the load through the day.


  2. My throat seems to be my emotional litmus. Last week I had my husband looking down my throat with a flashlight to make sure I didn’t have spots or anything weird 🙂 One ND told me to alternate hot and cold liquids but hell, who knows. Looks like from the notes you are on the mend. Yay!

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    • I know that closed throat feeling. I know it very well. It’s the raw pain manifesting itself in a physical symptom. It will pass though…I am sure of that. I prescribe laughter and cakes and friends. XXX


      • Really? I lost contact and it got hard with some of my friends through the IVF but over the last few months I’ve been making contact again. If they are good friends they will love to make contact again. Just focus on one step at a time. They’ll be there. XXX


      • I doubt it, they jumped ship almost a year ago. While I considered them my best friends, I don’t wait around for friends and family who suddenly start canceling everything, tell us that we should adopt because “we are into recycling”, ignore direct requests for support during IVF, and don’t show any support after a miscarriage (not even a phone call). We’re focused on making new friends.

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