Trigger post: I’m pregnant

Hi, I’ve been meaning to write this post for a couple of months. A mixture of not wanting to jinx things, plus not wanting to upset anyone has stopped me. I know some will have stopped reading already and probably unfollowed me (and I don’t blame you) but I know others who are looking for hope will be heartened by this.

A quick summary: we had our first DEIVF transfer on 27 February, a very relaxed transfer in a private clinic. On the way home we saw a rainbow and I had this intense feeling of joy and knowledge that everything will be ok somehow (even if it didn’t work). It’s hard to explain, but instead of my usual worries and positive/negative daily cycles in previous rounds I was a lot more calm this time and just decided to be happy and positive. I found it a lot less tiring. Don’t get me wrong, I was still mentally preparing myself for failure (researching holidays, booking weekends away etc) but just remaining cheerful and thinking of that rainbow. Because well why not?

I tested at 5am on my official test day and got a blazing positive. I woke up my husband who had been really down the night before and gave him the good news. Then followed a few days of betas and anxious waiting (after my two chemicals last year this was the toughest bit). They came back really high. Another anxious wait followed for the first scan which was perfect, followed by several more. And then getting to the 12 week mark, with nausea, morning sickness and intense work (it’s been a bit of a blur to be honest).

We’re now at nearly 15 weeks (ultrasound below from 12 weeks) and we’ve got our second prenatal appointment tomorrow. Things are starting to real!

I will continue this blog, exploring the experience of being pregnant after infertility, and of DEIVF. I wish everyone the best of luck on your journeys and I want to keep following and cheering and crying and supporting you.

Infertility has changed me and my husband profoundly. It’s beaten and battered us, but we’re still standing and still living, and loving, and that’s the most important thing.



41 thoughts on “Trigger post: I’m pregnant

  1. Soooo exciting!! Pregnancy after everything you’ve been through with infertility is tough!!! And I think some of the hardest is in those early weeks so I’d be interested to hear how you got on with those! I can absolutely understand no wanting to jinx things!! Wishing you all the best for your pregnancy ☺️

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    • Thanks so much! Got second prenatal appointment tomorrow and feeling weird calm. I guess infertility has taught me that I can’t change things. How are you doing? Hope all is well. I heard of the bombing last night and thought of you. What a crazy story. Feeling so lucky to be healthy and alive and taking each day as it comes.


  2. Well I’d already seen your happy news on comments on other blogs, but wanted to properly congratulate you all the same! It’s great to hear a success story because that is what those of us still in the trenches are hoping and praying for. So it’s always great to see when it happens for one of us! I can imagine that it must have been an anxious ridden early few weeks getting betas and hoping it wouldn’t end in another chemical. Delighted you’ve made it safely into the second trimester now! I’m going to try your approach of staying positive during this IVF cycle x

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