25 weeks and officially fat

Hey, sorry I haven’t posted on here for quite a while. I’ve been following everyone’s stories and cheering on and commiserating but haven’t felt the urge to post here….partly as I don’t want to rub people’s noses in it. So my updates will be sparing and truthful.

Babywise the pregnancy so far has been great. Measuring on track (well a teeny bit behind at first but a week ahead now). All scans have gone fine and the sonographer announced at our 20 week scan that we’re having a little Scottish Highland warrior (my husband is Scottish and the Italians absolutely love that). Been feeling movement for 6 weeks and bubs seems to be very active which is lovely.

On the downside I’ve had morning sickness which still hasn’t totally gone (now triggered by car or bus journeys only at least) and have vomited on the pavement quite a number of times (not a great look). I’ve also had dizzy spells quite a lot. And oh the fun of pregnancy gums: I had what’s called a pregnancy tumour burnt off my gums a month ago and since then have continued to have painful gingivitis in one area (the area which has never fully recovered from a nightmare wisdom tooth removal 2 years ago). Apparently this will continue until birth. Fun fun fun.

I have to say that the Italian pregnancy system is great: I get tested for lots of things regularly and I can’t fault their thoroughness or the fact that it is mostly free. The only downside is the long waits at appointments (at least an hour is normal) and the crazy paperwork (I have to go to a different clinic to get my blood tests, then return to pick up results, then take results to doctor). The other downside is the sometimes less than impressive bedside manner. Italians aren’t known for their diplomacy and I had a harsh dose of this today when I went for my monthly check up. I’ve put on quite a lot of weight so far (13 kg at 25 weeks). I got told in no uncertain terms that I am now fat and need to limit further weight gain. In Italy the max recommended total weight gain is 12 kg (which seems quite low to me, especially since I’m nearly 5 foot 10 inches tall).

I know weight is my weak point (my family are all overweight and pre-pregnancy I had managed for years be the only one of them with a healthy BMI). I’ve also put on weight due to taking steroids for the first 14 weeks, plus eating seems to be the only way to avoid vomiting. Anyway, I got very clearly told to shift the flab by limiting carbs and sugar (I wanted to scream at this point that I gave up sugar for fertility purposes but held it in and nodded).

Anyway, I’m ok, and more importantly bubs is ok and I passed my gestational diabetes test with flying colours. So I’m going to gently diet a teeny bit and not let the Italian fat shaming get to me.

Hope everyone is doing ok and enjoying the summer (in Italy we’re still in the grips of a massive heatwave, 37 degrees today) but escaping to a cooler climate soon for holidays…yay!

Sending my love.

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