34 weeks and a half dead tooth

Just a super quick update to say that after four days of pain and no improvement I took myself back to the dentist yesterday morning and he diagnosed a half dead molar tooth. I had optimistically though it was improving on the Monday but instead on the Tuesday woke up in lots of pain and had completely lost any patience. I stormed over to my dentist’s surgery without an appointment and then when I arrived burst into floods of tears (I properly lost it, which was a bit embarrassing, but very effective, who can ignore a crying pregnant woman?). The dentist saw me immediately.

He had done a filling in my second trimester but it seems like the tooth was more decayed than expected. He took out the filling and put stuff in to kill the bacteria and put in a temporary filling. I have to go back in 10 days for route canal. Fun! But I’m so glad the pain has gone. It seems like this was probably also making the gingivitis in my mouth worse. He said my gums look much better from insane amounts of flossing and cleaning over the past few days. So hopefully the gingivitis is just a small inconvenience which I can easily put up with for 6 more weeks.

I slept okayish last night and I’ve still got slight pain post procedure but it’s barely anything. I also have a cold which is affecting my sleep and giving me a slight headache but it’s nothing in comparison to the tooth pain.

Hopefully bubs wasn’t affected too much by all this trauma. I tried to minimise the amount of paracetamol I took (only at night). I’m also not overly happy at having all this local anaesthetic. But the dentist is insisting that it’s fine so I have to take his word. There wasn’t really any other choice. I also kept my right hip raised on the dentist chair to avoid any risk of passing out from the uterus weight putting pressure on me.

Bubs has been pretty active the last few days, and I can feel him again this morning which is comforting.

It was 34 weeks yesterday, and I’m really hoping that it will be smooth sailing from now on. Got a 3rd trimester ultrasound on Thursday and looking forward to checking that bubs is ok. Then next week I have a chat with the anaesthetist and then I start my more regular monitoring.

My mum had both my brother and I at 36 weeks so I’m aiming to get my hospital bag packed by the end of next week just in case. Ordered all the remaining things I need online and they should arrive in the next week (Italy postal system is slooow).

The stroller and bassinet attachment (Baby Jogger) arrived last week but I’ve been too poorly to even look at it. Might see if I can put it together today. Want to get back to enjoying this pregnancy instead of suffering.

Hope everyone is well. Take care of yourselves.




33 and a half weeks…ouch

So the end of the pregnancy is in sight. I finished work, yay! Here in Italy it’s standard practice to finish work 2 months before the due date, which for me was fine as my work was very full on.

I’ve been enjoying maternity leave very much. But yesterday things took a turn for the worse (well more painful). Not related to the baby thankfully.

I first managed to burn my hand whilst cooking soup (was batch cooking to freeze it, must be the nesting instinct). The blender went awry and I ended up with hot soup on my hand. Ouch. After 40 mins in cold water I dashed to the Dr to get some cream which was pregnancy friendly. Amazingly it did the trick with just one application and I just have a juicy blister to show for it now.

As I lay down in bed last night (fully expecting to have a poor night’s sleep due to a painful hand) I discovered that actually my gum/teeth on my bottom left hand side were hurting. I tried to ignore it unsuccessfully and ended up most of the night in pain.

I should add that I have already had quite a few dental and gum issues this pregnancy. It turns out that I am one of those lucky few who are prone to suffering very bad pregnancy gingivitis. In July I had a pregnancy tumour (weird growth) removed from my gum in the same sort of area. This was burnt off by laser under local anaesthetic…fun!

The tactics that the dentist had given me previously didn’t help ease the pain overnight and so I took myself off to see him today. Depressingly he says that it’s likely that there’s not a huge amount we can do about this gum inflammation this time as it’s in an impossible to brush spot (due to a badly aligned back teeth, that’s another long and painful story for another time). He gave me some antibacterial mouthwash and a curved syringe to flush out the area twice a day but he didn’t sound very optimistic about it. Basically this sort of gingivitis clears up after birth so 7 weeks to go…gulp.

I came back and passed out on the sofa for an hour but awoke with the same level of pain as before. I’ve been trying not to take any painkillers this pregnancy but have just relented and taken 500mg of paracetamol which I hope will dull the pain a bit as it’s just so relentless and I just want to cry right now which is not like me (I normally have a high pain threshold).

The idea of 7 more weeks of pain like this is pretty unbearable so if it’s not improved by Monday I’ll be back at the dentist as if there are any other options. Here’s hoping that our little one isn’t affected by all this stress and also that he decides to make a healthy early arrival i.e. 37 weeks (which is just 3.5 more weeks, not that I’m feeling ready, I just want him to be healthy and the gum pain to be gone).

I’m feeling pretty frustrated as I didn’t want to be a moaning pregnant person. I’m overjoyed to have gotten this far and adore feeling the little one kick and squirm inside me. And in fact barring the teeth/gum episodes I have been really enjoying the later stages of pregnancy. The sickness is gone (well apart from car sickness which is terrible still), and other than fatigue and a useless bladder I’ve been feeling really good. I also watched my weight and upped my daily walking which has helped with the weight management (see previous post).

We’ve been shopping and got most of the essentials. The pram arrives later today, and I’m ordering the cot to arrive next week.

I haven’t been very active on here as I know it’s upsetting to a lot of people who are still in the trenches. I find that cheerful excited posts seem wrong and out of place for me, as do complaining posts. Sorry this one has turned into a complaining one, I’ll make sure to post when I’m feeling better to give a more cheerful update.

Hope everyone is well. And I’m still following your blogs (even if I’m not active on mine so much).