How we got here part 1: testing, testing, testing

So as mentioned in my previous post we’ve been on this IVF journey for a while, so I thought I’d better give you a quick summary.

It all began in September 2013 with gloriously beautiful and happy wedding to my long time boyfriend and best friend ‘S’. S and I met in 2000 when working at the same company in our first jobs. We became firm friends and over the years this turned into something more. We got together in 2007 and then were engaged in 2012 and married a year and a half later by the seaside in Cornwall in England.

Our first 12 months of trying to conceive were, I’m sure, pretty similar to most couples who face this challenge: a few months of blissful ignorance and arrogant belief that it would happen soon enough, followed by a few months of using OPKs, temping and obsessing over diets, then followed by a visit to the doctor for fertility tests.

After a series of initial tests it appeared that S had the problem, with borderline or low sperm results. In October 2014 he bravely went under the knife to remove a varicocele from his testicles. The operation went well but it wasn’t clear if there was any discernible improvement, and there was still no pregnancy. We were advised that due to his issues we needed to proceed with IVF as our only option. This was a blow, but we knew of others who’d had success so we maintained some hope.

And so the waiting continued…