September 2013: Get married and start trying for a baby

April 2014: Initial blood tests for me (all fine), sperm test is borderline for the husband

October 2014: The husband undergoes Varicocele operation, told that IVF is probably our only option if sperm doesn’t improve

December 2014: First consultant with an IVF clinic

May 2015: IVF#1, 4 eggs collected, 3 fertilised, 2 grade C embryos transferred on day 3, BFN

July 2015: Discover that I have a Robertsonian Balanced Translocation (13:14) and we require IVF with PGD/PGS

August 2015: IVF#2, 9 eggs collected, 7 fertilised, 2 day 3 embryos PGD/PGS tested, both are abnormal

October 2015: IVF#3, 7 eggs collected, 6 fertilised, 2 day 5 blastocysts PGD/PGS tested, both are balanced/normal

December 2015: Hysteroscopy and biopsy, all ok

March 2016: FET#1, BFP but chemical pregnancy at 5 weeks

April 2016: Tests show immunology issues (high anti-nuclear antibodies)

June 2016: FET#2 resulted in another chemical pregnancy

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